Blockchain for Logistics and Supply Chain

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Blockchain Solutions for Logistics

Blockchains provide distributed ledgers so that all supply chain participants have visibility of information. This increases speed and transparency and reduces errors.

  • Online collaborative platforms to manage and control all information and documentation related to logistics processes. This includes shipping dates, specific information about cargo, related trade documents, sensor readings, customs filings, etc.

  • Blockchain-based software for freight transportation to increase transparency in global supply chains provides you with the capability to access and share digitized trade documents and track associated activities with your partners.

  • Traceability management systems ensuring end-to-end transparency of supply chains. Such traceability provides users with better mapping functionalities and an outstanding supply chain visualization experience.

  • Blockchain, along with IoT, improves supply chain transparency by providing access to validated data, as data, once uploaded to the Blockchain, becomes immutable. Thereby, risks pertaining to data misinterpretation or manipulation are eliminated.

  • Process automation with smart contracts enables you to streamline your logistics processes. Once real-time shipment data is uploaded to the Blockchain, smart contract functionality is enabled, which, in turn, automates the processes.

Supply Chain Optimization Blockchain Software

Reduce operational costs, boost customer data security, and eliminate any centralized points of failures.

  • Supply chain solutions use smart contracts that are automatically triggered when pre-defined business conditions are met. This gives you near real-time visibility into operations and the ability to take action earlier in case of exceptions.

  • Automate and orchestrate your supply chain processes and partner collaboration via cloud-based platforms developed by Andersen. AI-powered data insights will help you detect anomalies and take corrective action to avoid disruptions.

  • Automate your manual transactions and connectivity with partners. Blockchain technology offers timestamp events, verified transactions, and transparency. All of these benefits ensure the immutability of documents and supply chain information.

  • Keep all your paperwork in one place and encrypted, improve data accuracy, and unlock real-time visibility. Apply self-executing smart contracts to optimize trade management, with transactions automatically triggered when the terms are met.

  • Tracking systems will enable you to see the statuses and exact positions of ships, as well as other specific details, in real time and with your recording system functioning in the Blockchain.

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Blockchain for Logistics and Supply Chain

Apply the potential of blockchain to ensure faster delivery, remove intermediaries, secure traceability, and maintain cost-efficiency.

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