Andersen as a Custom Automotive Software Development Vendor in the Modern Landscape

Luis Filipe Alves Dias

Luis Filipe Alves Dias

Senior QA Automation Engineer

Oct 30, 2023
13 minutes to read
  1. Automotive software niche: figures
  2. Automotive software niche: dimensions
  3. What Andersen perceives as promising directions for our business development and growth
  4. Capabilities of Andersen as a custom Automotive software provider
  5. Automotive talent pool
  6. Automotive qualifications, certifications, and achievements
  7. Examples of Andersen’s partnerships
  8. Project # 1
  9. Project # 2
  10. Project # 3
  11. Challenges Andersen overcomes within the Automotive software industry
  12. Andersen’s Automotive plans

The niche of Automotive software development is a growing and lucrative one. It is expanding both quantitatively and qualitatively. Therefore, we dedicate a lot of effort to strengthening our presence in this domain, serving our existing customers, establishing new partnerships, and accumulating even more resources for our pioneering and ambitious engagements. This piece seeks to promote our understanding of where the Automotive software segment is going, as well as what role Andersen intends to play in this progress.

Automotive software niche: figures

To begin the discussion, let’s cite some figures that have recently been made available by McKinsey’s knowledgeable experts. According to them, from the starting pre-COVID-19 point in 2019, when its size was “merely” $257 billion, the Automotive software