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Assure your data availability, confidentiality, and integrity via rational corporate security processes

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For 14 years, we have been implementing comprehensive risk management strategies for Fintech companies, leaders in retail, healthcare, and other industries

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We hire high-skilled developers with extensive knowledge of modern cybersecurity technologies and deep understanding of OWASP Penetration Testing Methodology.

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We are committed to providing 24/7 support for your business-critical applications


Company of experts

To test knowledge, confirm their qualifications and professional skills, our experts receive the following certificates in the field of security of information systems

Security services

From FinTech through eCommerce and eLearning to HealthCare, these services help safeguard business processes, technology, and data

Infrastructure/application security analysis

  • Imitation of attackers' actions
  • Conduction of infrastructure testing and detection of threats
  • Preparation of recommendations to fix the problems found

Ensuring the securing of infrastructure/application

  • Integration of technical means to ensure infrastructure security
  • Establishment of secure software development processes
  • Providing secure data migration to cloud solutions and ensuring their protection
  • Building internal information security processes
  • Providing control over vulnerabilities in the infrastructure

Compliance with regulatory requirements

  • Technical compliance with regulatory requirements (GDPR, HIPAA, PCI-DSS, ISO27001)
  • Creation of security policies
  • Business Resilience Services

What we do

Software Analysis with
Automatic Means

Checking for vulnerabilities in your app and providing you with a detailed report on any vulnerabilities found and recommendations for fixing them.

Security Culture Establishment

Checking your software project for compliance with requirements of the government, violation of which may cause penalties or problems.

Complete Project Security Audit

Experts will thoroughly check your project for vulnerabilities and potential problems, ranging from architecture to software and your infrastructure.

Security Incident Solution

After analyzing the situation, we will find out what caused the hack, help you to recover, and protect your software against such problems in the future.

Security Maintenance

Making security part of development so that you feel confident about your product and know that all decisions made and code written are safe.

Industrial Cybersecurity

Security specialists will draw up the basic requirements for security, present these requirements to your employees, and conduct their training on this matter.

Team of experts

If you need high-end specialists on an urgent basis, we are here to help. Get CVs in no time, choose the best of the best, and our specialists will start working on your project with full responsibility so that you can receive the solution you need as soon as possible.

  • 3 days to provide developers
  • 10 days to start
  • 2 weeks of free trial

Security Engineer


Security Engineer over 6 years of experience. Can make the project safe for storing and processing se...

6 years’
2 projects with Andersen

Security Engineer


Security Engineer with 3.5+ years of experience that possesses thorough knowledge and broad expertise...

3+ years’
10 projects with Andersen

Security Engineer


Security Engineer with 6+ years in IT sphere. Comprehensive knowledge of security, automation, contai...

6+ years’
3 projects with Andersen

Whether you are in the early stage or have an ongoing project, our professional architects are always ready to consult and guide you within the development process. Schedule a free online consultation with our specialists.

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