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To test knowledge, confirm their qualifications and professional skills, our experts receive the following certificates in the field of Project Management.

Team augmentation benefits

Extending your IT team with specialists provided by an outsourcing company is an advantageous solution. Here are four main benefits of including Andersen’s professionals in your project development

No infrastructure investment

Robust hardware, high level of cybersecurity, cutting-edge development software - we already have all this, so you needn’t think of infrastructure issues

Reduces time spent on recruitment

On average, finding a good IT specialist requires 1.5 months. Our staff consists of professionals only, and a specialist you choose will be ready to start working with you within 10 business days

Eliminates the additional costs of having

Outsourcing specialists allows you to save money on renting offices, organizing workplaces, buying coffee and cookies

Not bound by geographical limitations

We at Andersen know that working beside each other is sometimes vital to achieve great results. We have over 10 development centers in European countries and the United States, as well as send our employees on long-term business trips to the customers’ offices

Expert custom solutions with over 1000+ projects delivered

Assisting businesses across major industries address complex problems with technology solutions. We use industry-specific knowledge to custom-tailor solutions to meet each customer's unique needs.

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What Happens Next?

Our sales manager contacts you shortly after having analyzed your business requirements

When required by you, we sign an NDA to ensure the highest privacy level

Our pre-sales manager submits a comprehensive project proposal. It may include estimates, timelines, lists of CVs, etc., for a particular situation

The team assembled for your IT project can start delivering within ten business days