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Maria Boyarko, Head of the BA and SA Department
Maria Boyarko

What should be done to rescue a failing software project?

Taking the following steps will help you prevent a disaster.

Stop your development process

The most logical step, when you want to rescue a failing software project, is to temporarily stop it. You can't improve a negative scenario when it keeps on changing. No matter how hard it is, halt the development process.

Find a software partner

A team of experts will help you grasp the reason why your project is failing and resolve it. Make sure that the company you are going to cooperate with employs BAs and offers project discovery services. This is extremely relevant when it comes to project rescue issues.

Jointly find the root of the problem

In cooperation with your custom software development service vendor of choice, identify the reason behind the problem by launching a thorough review of the software project, in its entirety. In fact, this is the key stage, as it shows you what has to be fixed.

Establish clear communication

Clearly communicate the findings generated by the previous stage and make sure to properly re-engage and re-involve all the participants and stakeholders. Every team member must know their role and be fully informed.

Draw up new guidelines and templates

Set clear goals, assignments, and boundaries before getting back to work. Every responsibility must be confirmed, in a clear and transparent fashion. In addition, your team must fully grasp not only what is to be done, but also why it is to be done.

Get back to work

Return to work and document every step you are making. With this documentation, you will be able to avoid similar mistakes in the future. Lessons learned from your own errors are the most valuable ones.

Demonstrated quality of our BA specialists

To test knowledge, confirm their qualifications and professional skills, our experts receive the following certificates in the field of Business Analysis.

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Professional scrum product owner 1
Professional scrum product owner 2
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How Andersen's BAs typically deal with Project Rescue

Andersen has a well-established process to review your project. Don't worry, we won't miss a thing.

Processing 1/7


Andersen arranges a session with the client to identify BA audit goals and processes.


Processing 2/7

Survey for clients

The client answers a set of questions and Andersen's team analyzes them.


Processing 3/7

Clarification workshop

The team goes through the answers and models possible deliverables.


Processing 4/7

Document and process verification

The team checks all documents and artifacts provided by the customer.


Examples of audit results

Below, you can find a selection of project rescue deliverables you can obtain from Andersen's business analysts.

Assessment report

An assessment report includes a solution review and gap analysis.

Action plan

An action plan highlights new opportunities for your business.

Process setup

Business process setup occurs in accordance with the world's best practices.

What you will get

As a result of an audit by Andersen, you'll get the following artifacts, which may vary depending on your project needs.

List of recommendations

Andersen's team will describe all our findings and provide you with clear recommendations on how to proceed.

User story map

Get the initial backlog, roadmap of the requirements related to implementation, with prioritization for MVPs and future releases that are updated or created from scratch.


Andersen uses diagrams for requirements verification, helping to identify missing requirements and minimize time spent on discussions. BAs will design business processes in BPMN or UML notations.

Business Analysis approach and templates

Along with recommendations based on audit results, we also offer guidance on how Business Analysis should be carried out for your project. Andersen will either customize existing templates or develop them from scratch. The latter will be more beneficial to your product.



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