An AI-Based Solution for Recruitment

An AI-Based Solution for Recruitment

Brief product overview

In terms of recruitment, AI implies an application of next-gen technology solutions to hiring processes. As a result, various aspects get streamlined and automated. This technology enables recruiters to unleash the power of data for better decision-making. AI can assist with sourcing and screening candidates, scanning CVs and applications, holding pre-employment assessments, and even forecasting candidate performance.

Reasons to use AI Recruiter

A recruitment process – from candidate sourcing and screening stages to conducting job interviews and assessing talent – consumes quite a lot of resources and time. Recruiters are tasked with managing multiple responsibilities to meet corporate requirements effectively. By harnessing AI, they can optimize their processes, improve the quality of candidate matches, mitigate bias, and make informed decisions based on data. In the recruitment domain, AI possesses the potential to revolutionize the professional landscape by enhancing efficiency and accuracy levels in identifying and engaging the right talent for entities.

How AI Recruiter works for you

Andersen offers an AI recruitment platform that consists of the following elements:

  • Screening - matching CVs with the project and vacancy descriptions;
  • Robotized tech interviews of candidates;
  • Job offer processing via the AI-agent.

The above can function separately or together, pertaining to your actual needs.

Candidate screening

  • Screening is a crucial phase of any imaginable hiring process, as it helps to recognize the most qualified candidates from the initial pools. However, this stage could also be enormously time-consuming and challenging, especially while dealing with extended volumes of applications.
  • This is where, again, AI screening assistants come into play. Within an AI-based recruiting framework, they are able to swiftly extract vital info from applications, which makes it possible to efficiently highlight the best candidates.
  • The methods used by AI screening systems might vary, ranging from CV parsing to behavioral and skill set evaluation. Andersen's system, in particular, is compatible with CVs created in free formats. The matching procedure is based on semantic proximity.

Candidate interview

At the start, the CV of a candidate is entered into the system, coupled with the project and vacancy profile. The system then compiles a tailored list of questions for the interview.

  • AI-fueled interview platforms significantly reduce human effort by streamlining flows and relying on data and analytics. AI video interview software leverages voice and facial expression analysis to assess a candidate's tone, demeanor, and emotional conditions. These observations are integrated with the substance of responses to offer a holistic comprehension of personalities and their suitability.
  • These platforms provide recruiters with invaluable metrics on candidate performance. This includes real-time interview scoring, scripted conversations, and conclusive assessments. Additionally, they can generate lists of recommended topics for candidates.
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Interview process

Job offer processing via the AI agent

When the time comes for a job offer, a positive experience for candidates is crucial. With AI-powered recruiting tools, it will be easier for HR specialists to tackle this task. Once all the suitable candidates are pinpointed, the AI agent steps in:

  • An individualized email to the candidate is generated based on their experience, qualifications, job requirements, and project profiles;
  • The candidate’s answer is analyzed – e.g. refusal, no interest, potential interest, readiness to proceed with the interview. After that, the AI agent either sends the next email to the candidate or informs the recruiter and initiates the hiring process.

The agent can be customized to meet your unique expectations.

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