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Our on-demand AaaS team, thorough analysis, design, and planning will help in defining your company's business and technology strategies


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With Andersen's AaaS expertise, we will increase your company revenue by streamlining processes and bridging the gap between IT and business

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Why Enterprise Architecture (EA) Matters

Businesses keen to enjoy the benefits and not willing to onboard an entire EA team can always opt for Andersen's Architecture as a Service approach. Our skilled AaaS professionals help companies align tech efforts with business objectives.

Handling the IT ‘mess’

Nowadays, businesses have to navigate through a great variety of IT tools and services. EA teams reduce that complexity and align your strategy with your tech needs and existing means.

Seamless transformation

With reduced IT complexity, your enterprise will not face unwanted dependencies, zombie apps, and shadow IT affecting your infrastructure and causing a surge in IT costs.

Affordable advantages

With Andersen's AaaS services, both large companies and SMEs can optimize the performance of their IT teams and achieve greater goals without spending a fortune.

What Andersen’s AaaS offers


  • Andersen delivers transparency and clarity to enable stakeholder collaboration, issue analysis, and problem resolution
  • AaaS with Andersen aligns business processes across business units and product lines, delivering stakeholder-focused benefits far beyond traditional "lean" or similar process-streamlining exercises
  • Our AaaS approach establishes a framework of concepts that allows the business to clearly communicate the current-state business challenges and articulate a business-centric vision for the future
  • We offer your management teams a holistic view of the business that extends to outsourced, customer, and other stakeholder domains
  • Architecture-as-a-Service framework provides your IT team with a way to recast project-funding discussions in terms of business capabilities and stakeholder value, streamlining complex IT budget discussions


  • Andersen’s professionals will assess the competitive marketplace where your company operates
  • Our AaaS team helps generate business strategy roadmaps to facilitate business transformation plans and align those plans with required IT transformation roadmaps
  • Andersen’s AaaS domain experts document your Business Capabilities and Organizational view, i.e. they will create a current business capability map and structural overview of your business to simplify communication within that organization and with the outside world

With Andersen’s AaaS collaboration model, you will be provided with a clear and business-centered vision and high-caliber tech experts available for immediate deployment

Benefits and results generated by AaaS with Andersen

Andersen is in the right position to become your trusted partner in every domain of the Architecture as a Service framework, be it analyzing, designing, engineering, or upgrading your structures. Our tech knowledge embraces all enterprise architecture aspects, such as business, information, application, security, and solution architecture.

Assessment of your current landscape

Decrease IT complexity by rearrangement of dispersed strategic elements to benefit from proper and thorough visualizations of your architecture in its current shape.

Business continuity plans

After your current links and dependencies between employees, procedures, processes, and tech assets are grasped with our assistance, successful disaster recovery planning and operational continuity become more realistic.

Reduction of waste

Comprehend and track which IT assets are responsible for your practical business capabilities and monitor directions for investments generating the best possible results.

Higher IT ROI

Apply your IT assets with greater efficiency by leveraging your current capabilities and optimized procedures to cut costs and enhance your speed-to-market.

Change management

Ensure your change management processes are running smoothly, flawlessly, and productively with Andersen's AaaS experts taking care of every aspect.

IT strategies

Generate IT roadmaps to pursue promising business strategies and goals by entrusting this challenge to Andersen and its business architecture services.

Diminished risks

Obtain evergreen tech opportunities via lifecycle management performed by Andersen’s enterprise architecture and design experts.

IT alignment

Analysis of your IT initiatives and BaU spending, as well as the ways they match your business strategies.

Deliverables of Andersen’s AaaS projects

Here you can find a range of deliverables of Architecture as a Service projects implemented by Andersen to align and synchronize your business efforts and tech plans.


Enterprise Reference Architecture is a business-centered and technical reflection of your existing capabilities and the components needed for the highest possible performance.


Enterprise Target Architecture assesses your situation and the desired enterprise maturity level. It also provides a roadmap for the transition from your current level to your targets.


High-Level Solution Design provides system development guidance for system construction and outlines how automation will meet your business requirements.

Case Studies

Providing a full range of software development services, we create custom-built solutions that fully meet our clients’ business needs. Some examples are reflected in these case studies.

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