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Project Managers

Why Project Managers are core people on the project

Project Success

Powering projects on transparent, effective processes — Agile, Kanban or waterfall

45+ specialists


Daily communication, aligning experts in varied fields to the client’s business needs brings projects in on budget

>25% lower risks

On time

Assigning goals and managing workload, backlog and people to bring the project in on time

30% more effective



Project Managers thoroughly study the technical task, collect all necessary details and other information that is crucial for the success of the development


They design and apply appropriate project management standards, manage the production of the required deliverables, manage project risks reflecting it in the project plan

Control and Reporting

Project Managers monitor overall process and use of resources, apply fit technical and quality strategies, conduct a project evaluation review, report on project progress, and prepare follow-on recommendations

What you get


Project Manager always keeps the Customer informed on the project progress and knows what questions to ask, what information to reach, and what goals to set. Thus the communication takes less time and is more productive

Project Plan

A detailed road map of a project from start to finish which is vital for the development process to be exact and clear. What is more the Customer always knows what stage the development is on now


By the effect of well-coordinated communication and a detailed-written project plan the development process goes seamlessly and the budget is spent efficiently


Project Manager is the one responsible to lead a project which results in: understanding the tasks, distributing them among the team, controlling delivery on time