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A Web-Based Version of EHR-System

A new business level for a medical service provider

A team effort to transform the out-of-date process

Project ROI

After 6 months from release, we usually ask customers about the financial results of a project to make sure we did our job well


Project timeline

Andersen team has spent more than 280 hours every week on the development of this solution

1 week ahead

Risk reduction

One of the goals was to minimize the risk of prescribing conflicting drugs or treatments.

75 times less

About the project

The customer’s company was interested in making improvements to its electronic health record system for clinics and for that reason decided to contact Andersen. Our experts were supposed to develop a web-based version of their existing EHR-system, integrate an electronic medication administration record system to minimize the risk of prescribing conflicting drugs or treatments, and create an electronic document management system.




20 months

Team size

7 developers

Tech stack

Java, JavaScript, SWIFT, .NET, C++

Delivered Solution

Within the project, our team developed a web-based version of their existing EHR-system that contain a patient’s medical history, diagnoses, medications, treatment plans, immunization dates, and test results.

Also, we integrated an electronic medication administration record (eMAR) system to minimize the risk of prescribing conflicting drugs or treatments and created an electronic document management system (DMS) for organizing and storing different kinds of medical documents.

Finally, we delivered a functional web version of the existing EHR-system with integrated eMAR and DMS systems

Project Results

The software solution delivered by our development team received approval of the customer’s employees, who recognize the convenience of this application. The solution optimized the work of the staff and significantly increased their KPI. With the help of the integrated systems, the customer’s company managed to increase the quality of its medical services, which in turn resulted in an increase in customer loyalty and attraction of new clients.



Satisfaction rate



KPI increase



Number of new clients

Client’s feedback

SMB, enterprise and startup clients return to us because they’re happy with our work. Here’s what they say about Andersen.
John Specter
Laura Stevens Communication manager

We are very pleased with the professional standards applied to this project by all of your team members. All of the work was timely, right to the budget, and the real proof is the feedback from our employees and clients who use this system every day. We really hope for further partnership with Andersen.