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System for Managing Events

Transformation of processes for event organizer company

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Programming solutions to make a good company great

Project ROI

After 6 months from release, we usually ask customers about the financial results of a project to make sure we did our job well

114 %

Project timeline

Andersen team has spent more than 480 hours every week on the development of this solution

weeks ahead of schedule

Employee performance optimization

The solution includes all the necessary functionality and tools to enable staff members to perform their job at a higher speed.

63 %
faster performance

About the project

Our customer is a company engaged in managing business events. The company’s activity caters for thorough organization and optimization of every single and hence requires software that would automate the business processes, as well as store and edit all the necessary information. Also, there was a need for a software solution to manage the customer’s extensive client base. The development of this solution was entrusted to the Andersen team.




36 months

Team size

12 developers


Angular, Angular 2, JavaScript, Yii

Visual concept


The customer already had the idea of what the application design should be. However, to ensure the software is as much user-friendly as possible, our experts analyzed the provided patterns and layouts and suggested several improvements, which were accepted and implemented.


Together with the customer, we created the most suitable interface for the business software: card-based design, burger menu, simple icons, the minimum number of buttons. As for the color palette, we used white background and shades of green, blue, and violet to make the main elements stand out.


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Progress bars

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Main pages

My Team Page

This page is a kind of a contact list where the user sees representatives of the client companies. Each card contains the name, company, and position of the representative. Clicking on “Participation details”, the information about the company, its area of activities, offerings, as well as contact details are shown.

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My Meetings Page

This page is aimed at managing meetings. Particularly, it allows the user to book meetings with clients for themselves or another client. In the top right corner, the user can view all booked and canceled meetings, as well as sent requests that have not been confirmed yet.

My Meetings Page image


One of the most important pages of the app. Here, the user can see containers with all meetings, presentations, launches, banquets, and other events that are on the agenda. Each event card displays all the necessary information about the meeting, including the location and time needed for preparation.

Agenda image

Several pages

Profile Page

The user profile page is simple and has only necessary tabs and buttons. Here the user sees 4 tiles: investments made, the dates of the current or upcoming event, settings, and the history of all previous events.

Profile Page image

Event Page

After clicking on the tile with the current or upcoming event, more detailed information is available. Also, we implemented the timeline with the deadlines for activities necessary for participation, e. g. adding to the list of participants or booking the meeting.

Event Page image

Log In

When creating a log-in/sign-up page, we follow the principle of security and simplicity. Therefore, all the user need to start using the app is to enter email and password.

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Besides, all pages of the web application are adapted for a mobile screen, which makes the use of the product possible with any device.

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Project Results

The system developed by us automated the main business processes. This helped the company's employees not only to save time but also to avoid such a serious problem as the loss of valuable data. As a result, the quality of services provided by the customer has significantly improved: the level of client satisfaction, the KPI of employees, and the number of users of the company's services have increased.


Satisfaction rate


KPI increase


Number of new clients

Client’s feedback

SMB, enterprise, and startup clients return to us because they’re happy with our work. Here’s what they say about Andersen

Antti Paukku
Antti Paukku Software Architect at

Throughout the duration of the project, from requirements gathering to implementation, the Front-End engineers of Andersen have conducted themselves with the utmost professionalism and dedication to the process transformation project. The people at Andersen fulfilled their obligations taking into account our best interests. Their sincere interest in wanting to help us achieve our goals was readily apparent throughout the development process.

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