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System for Issuing Short-Term Loans

Development of the solution for short-term credits

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A highly effective system for providing loans to individuals

Project ROI

After 6 months from release, we usually ask customers about the financial results of a project to make sure we did our job well

111 %

Project timeline

Andersen team has spent more than 840 hours every week on the development of this solution

week ahead of schedule

European coverage

The system is available in many European countries including Estonia, Georgia, Romania, Belarus, Ukraine, Bosnia & Herzegovina, etc.


About the project

The special aspects of the customer’s business strategy are catered to by engineering a flexible system with the advantage of the company’s employees being able to use the package of services without involving developers. It also automates the process of client acceptance. The system should be universal and user-configurable to be equally successful in countries with different legislation, mindsets, and living standards.


Financial Services


39 months

Team size

21 developers


PHP, Symfony, MySQL

Visual concept


The customer came to us with a list of goals they wanted to achieve with our help. At the very start of the cooperation, we studied these goals, got more details about what the software was expected to be. Then, based on the information obtained, Andersen’s team provided the concept of achieving each goal by the customer.


The main goal of the product was to simplify and accelerate the process of issuing a loan, hence the special focus was on making the system as simple as possible. Considering the complexity of the work processes, our specialists created an easy-to-use system with a simple minimalistic interface, which, nevertheless, contains all the necessary buttons, tabs, functions.


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Checkboxes and radio buttons

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Main pages

Log in and register

The software is meant for only internal use and presupposes limited access. Therefore, for security reasons, one can’t create an account on their own. A new account for a new team member can be created only by admin, and the user can only log in to the system.

Log in and register image


When the system is launched, the user sees a dashboard with all the necessary tags, graphics, and information needed for a quick start of work. The dashboard allows each team member to see their progress and the progress of the whole team on processing and approving applications.

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Task manager

The more detailed statistics on the current progress is available on the task manager page. The list of applications and related tasks can be filtered by such criteria as date of creation, status, assignee, etc. so that team members can quickly prioritize the tasks and chose what to work on next.

Task manager image


Having clicked on a task, the user can see its full information: type, status, the description of what seems to be the problem in the application the task is related to. There are also some additional features aimed at simplifying the work of the team, such as a reminder to connect with an applicant or comment on the problem directly on the task page.

Task image

Several pages

Financial calculator

Another accelerator of the team’s work is a financial calculator. The user sets up the necessary parameters, and the calculator automatically displays the amounts of installments, interest, total payment, etc.

Financial calculator image

Payment schedule

The schedule of credit reimbursement: dates and amounts of payments, interest rate, and other credit information. The payment schedule is formed automatically based on the figures obtained from the financial calculator.

Payment schedule image

Project Results

After implementing all of the above features the Customer keeps on expanding their geographical presence due to the flexibility of the system, has downsized the expenses of updating the content - now it can be done by the Customer’s employees, reduced the quantity of ‘poor’ deals thanks to the scoring mechanisms, and decreased the level of debtor indebtedness due to the maintenance of loan repayment module.


Expenses of updating the content


Level of debtor indebtedness


Number of ‘poor’ deals

Client’s feedback

SMB, enterprise, and startup clients return to us because they’re happy with our work. Here’s what they say about Andersen

Janis Staseluns
Janis Staseluns Group Head of IT Service Management

Andersen, having huge experience in lending solutions, provides a cross-functional team that created the solution needed from scratch and customized it for use in more than 11 different regions. Andersen is quick to respond to business requests, and they have a deep talent bench to pull from. Customers can expect a professional and timely partner.

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