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Ordering Meal During Matches

Solution that saves time for fans and improve sellers business

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Dedicated work to build a new application

Project ROI

After 6 months from release, we usually ask customers about the financial results of a project to make sure we did our job well

124 %

Project timeline

Andersen team has spent more than 200 hours every week on the development of this solution

weeks ahead of schedule

Widely used application

The solution is used at a great number of annual sports events around Finland


About the project

Various sports matches attract thousands of fans who come not only to cheer their favourite team but also to have a snack or buy some promotional products. But every such event has a one annoyance — queues. Queuing up is irritating and in any case it is a waste of time. That’s why the customer decided to have an app that would not only save fans’ time, but also ease the work for sellers during a match.




27 months

Team size

5 developers


JavaScript, Node.js, React, PHP, React Native

Visual concept


The customer came to us with a request to build a mobile solution that would help fans order food and other products without wasting time standing in long queues. Our specialists suggested to take it a step further and develop a time-saving application that would allow users to order snacks easily with few clicks so that they can enjoy a sporting event, without distracting too much on the ordering process. To achieve this goal, we worked hard on a scheme of the ordering process and the ways this process can be optimized.


Our dedicated work resulted in a mobile app product that allows ordering meals, drinks, promotional products, and even tickets to a match with a couple of clicks, spending on average around 3,5 minutes on the order. Each step, from signing in/up to scanning a QR code is optimized. The simplicity of use is also achieved by a user-friendly interface with soft colors, minimalistic icons and buttons, cards, and proper allocation of these elements on screens.


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Notification windows

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Main Screens

Start screens

Since the aim of the app is saving time, the registration and log-in processes are expected to be quick too. When signing in, the user enters their name, password, and an email in case the password needs to be restored. The app remembers username and password, so next time, it will provide the access immediately without authorization (or will require the password only).

Start screens image


When the application is launched for the first time, it demonstrates a short user guide. Ordering with the app is as easy as pie: the user merely needs to select food or an item and scan a QR code on an armrest to confirm the order.

Guide image

Home and menu pages

As promised, we ensured the process of choosing food was optimized. On the home page, popular food and items, food recommended based on the previous orders, as well as deals of the day are displayed so that the user can choose and order something directly there. To see more offers, one needs to open the menu on the top bar at the bottom of the page. On the menu, the food and other items to be sold are sorted into categories; besides, the user can find a meal to order on the brands' tab.

Home and menu pages image

Catalog and product card

Food and beverage items are shown as cards, with images and prices, that can be filtered. After clicking on a card, the user can see more detailed information about the chosen product and either buy it or put it in the cart.

Catalog and product card image


There are two ways to receive the ordered items: to ask for delivery to your seat or take them from the fast track check-out. To have the food delivered, the user needs to scan a QR code on the armrest, and the system will automatically identify the user’s location to bring the order. In case the fan decides to pick up the order, the app displays the time when the order can be taken and shows the location of the fast track check-out on a map.

Checkout image

Scanning page

The QR code scanning page. After the scanning, the application displays the details of the fan’s location. In case of an error, the system suggests to try again or enter the location manually.

Scanning page image

Payment page

The uses can pay for the order with cash or a plastic card. We introduced the possibility to add several payment cards to the application. Having deep experience in E-Commerce, our engineers took all reasonable steps to ensure all payment transactions are secure.

Payment page image

Project Results

The customer was satisfied with the solution and received a handy product that now is used at many sports events around the country. At the moment 34 companies use the app and this number is constantly growing. With the help of Andersen, purchases are now carried out faster and sales are higher. This solution turned out to be so innovative and popular that the customer plans to develop it for use in conjunction with Goal which potentially extends the market by up to 700 million people.


Satisfaction rate


Purchases speed increase


Increase in sales

Client’s feedback

SMB, enterprise, and startup clients return to us because they’re happy with our work. Here’s what they say about Andersen

Jouni Stam
Jouni Stam CTO at

The company made a great first impression with the business analyst who gathered requirements, measured the scope, and asked about our other needs. The project manager and other team members kept us informed about the business app's schedule and progress and made sure that everything was going according to our expectations. Andersen stands out where it comes to communication and planning.

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