Custom Retail Software Development

Fuel your business with the robust retail software built by a trusted development house

Custom software development for retail

A wide range of professional retail software development services to increase your sales and improve your management process

Retail software development

Development of custom retail software solutions designed to improve both business processes and customer experience to let your enterprise prosper.

Customization of retail software

Adjustment, integration, and improvement of the existing ready-made software products so that they perfectly meet the requirements of your business.

Third-party systems integration

Integration of the developed software with ERP, sales channels, eCommerce platforms, shipping services, payment systems, and other third-party solutions.

What we do

In-Store Solutions

POSs, mapping and voice guidance for in-store navigation, self-service kiosks, secure payment systems, solutions for payment processing, and more.


Andersen offers a wide range of IoT solutions, from wearables for visitor navigation to monitoring systems for your warehouses.

Order Management

The team develops and deploys solutions for distributed order management, order entry and tracking, inventory management, etc.

Analytical Solutions

Big Data analysis, consumer basket analysis, behavior pattern recognition, assortment management, advanced reporting, and other powerful solutions.


Create an incredible customer experience with 3D virtual product models, product catalogs, virtual showrooms, and fitting rooms.


After investigating your requirements, we will deliver custom CRM software that perfectly suits your internal systems or third-party services.

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Alexandr L.

Java developer


Java, Spring Boot, Hibernate, Oracle, Docker


years’ experience


projects with Andersen

Nikita M.

Senior Automation QA Engineer


Python, TestRail, Jenkins, Postman, Swagger, Kibana, Selenium WebDriver


years’ experience


projects with Andersen

Anastasiya D.

Manual QA Engineer


TestRail, Java, Allure EE, Swagger, Jenkins


years’ experience


projects with Andersen

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