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More frequent deploys
Automated deployment speeds up the whole process of development
50x quicker
Faster recovery times
DevOps tools stretch the time to recovery and keep it to a minimum
24x sooner
Lower change failure rates
Finding and submitting defects before they get to production saves customer’s money
10x cheaper

What you save through

Advantages and Economic Value of DevOps

Time to find and fix bugs

You save the time to find and fix bugs, the time for a new person to join a project, what is more, quality code is easier to maintain, thus a technical debt is reduced

Cheaper by 10 times

Fixing a bug found during Review is 10 times cheaper, the one found in production - 100 times cheaper.

Time for deploying production and releasing

A manager can observe the project’s degree of readiness, QA specialists don’t need to re-deploy a version before testing. You save time for deploying production versions and time for releasing new versions

Cost is lower

The cost of testing is lower (it saves each QA 2+ hours per week). You also save the cost of server provisioning, the cost of development, and time to release product’s versions

Saving time and costs to fix bugs

Unit tests help find out mistakes within the dev stage before the code is sent to a repository saving time and costs to fix bugs

Cost is lower

The cost of development and testing is lower up to 10 times

Testing faster and earlier

E2E test helps do testing hugely faster and earlier than manual ones. It also provides means to examine full functionality and conduct regression testing of the whole project each day

Reducing the staff herewith

It reduces the QA staff herewith maintaining high quality - one E2E tester can replace 70 to 90 % of a QA team after 6-12 months of work

How it works
Dev stage

Dev Stage is the stage of writing code for an application. While passing this stage, the code goes between a developer and Source Code Management (SCM) until it is Approved of by all related participants of the process. Afterward, the Approved code goes to the stage of Continuous Integration

Code cloning

From source code management (SCM) a developer clones to his working station an exemplar from a repository with an application source code (git-clone) or pulls fresh changes from a repository (git-pull)

Code correction

A developer sends back to source code management (SCM) a corrected and (or) improved application source code (git push)

Pull Request

After putting new sections of code, a developer creates a Pull Request for follow-on revision (confirmation) of new changes. The changes are reviewed by a team of specialists, each team member approves the changes. If the source code doesn’t pass Review, this code should be improved. The development process returns to the Stage 1

Code approval

When the stage of code-review is passed successfully, and a Pull Request gets enough approvals (i.e. is Approved), the source code goes to the stage of Continuous Integration (CI)

Continuous integration stage

CI is the stage within which the participation in the process of integrating a program into infrastructure by both development (dev) and operations (ops) teams are minimized by means of automation. Several tasks on a building can be given at this stage at once, thus different projects or different branches of one project can be built simultaneously

Automatic analysis
to find syntax or logical errors
Process of building
to build the project
Auto tests within building
to reduce the cost of QA
Continuous delivery stage
Project version deployment
to enable the project for testing
Final testing on server
to exclude any bugs
Application is ready to use
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Our satisfied clients

SMB, enterprise and startup clients return to us because they’re happy with our work. Here’s what they say about Andersen.

 Jeffrey Reyes
Jeffrey Reyes Head of Testing
3D4Medical Limited
We have just started our relationship with Andersen, and they have proven to be a professional and effective organization. To date, my needs have been in the area of Quality Assurance. Projects were organized quickly, delivered successfully and to a high standard. Working with a remote contractor, communication is key, and this Andersen excels in. I would highly recommend Andersen to deliver a quality product, to specification, on time.
 Barak Aviv
Barak Aviv QA Manager Top
Image Systems
We hired 5 QA engineers from Andersen for functional mobile testing of the application for image capture and processing. The app has web and mobile versions and is designed to make mobile check deposit, enrollment, account opening, bill payment and other mobile-initiated processes simple and fun.
 Julia Pokhodina
Julia Pokhodina Senior Project Manager
Anima Interactive Agency
We asked Andersen to conduct a complex testing of our developed website. During the communication Andersen specialists offered us an efficient and cost-effective option that allowed us to save money for testing. From the very beginning of our cooperation the communication with experts was at a good level, and in the course of testing, Andersen proved their professionalism, providing quality work on time. Thank you!
 Philippe Adib
Philippe Adib CEO of Lion of Fire LCC
Lion of Fires
Andersen Lab QA department has significantly assisted our team of developers over the past 8+ months to make regression testing for complex project in the medical field. During this time we have gone from very little success, in regards to providing regression tests, to a suite that will greatly affect the success of the developed medical system and our company.
 Jouni Stam
Jouni Stam CTO
It was definitely a pleasure to partner with Andersen. They did a lot of work to get the project done, and the results are obvious. We are satisfied with quality, deadline commitments and surely with a team - very nice and professional guys. I'm pleased to recommend them and hope for continuing our business relationship.
 Nicolas Genest
Nicolas Genest CTO
Cloud Body
You guys, did a very good job helping with the prototyping and the initial inception of the App. The collaborative effort allowed to come up with an initial draft and input on your end and enabled to iron out details of the foundational model. Some of your questions forced re-consideration of many aspects of the cloudbodymodel. The company has been flexible and patient on the document signature and payments processing. It has been a true pleasure to work with you.
 Victor Ignatov
Victor Ignatov Project Manager
We needed solution for complex ERP system and asked Andersen to help us. But their development specialist advised us to hire not only developers but business analyst too. So, I got from this specialist much more than was expected! He explained us why we need reports in the system and made excellent prototype so that we could see the ERP system two days before developers started to code.
 Piter Zalin
Piter Zalin CEO
We were not sure that development of new platform is going to help our company to win competition and that we will return money spent on software development. Documentation provided by Andersen's business analysts helped us to understand what exactly we need to develop to be ahead of competitors on the market.
 Inghan de Lepine
Inghan de Lepine The game maker of “Rush Cats”
In close cooperation with specialists from our side, Andersen's business analysts precisely identified all our needs and collected all needed data for IT solution development. This action saved us lots of money. Painful points that were sucking lots of resources from us are solved now with the help of the business analyst's experience and deep integration into our company's processes. Thank you for your self-giving, diligent work and professionalism.
 Victor Nevodov
Victor Nevodov Project Manager
After our development team was enriched by two business analysts from Andersen, we finally started working on what really solves our problems. The guys put everything on the shelves! After working with Andersen analysts, our development team refuses to participate in projects without the support of the business analyst. We hope for a long and mutually beneficial cooperation with Andersen.
Jonathan Bibas Co-Founder Ellis-Car - The Data Driven Company
Hertereau Pascal CTO Testapic - QA service
Philippe Adib CTO Lion of Fire - Canada, Montreal
Luis Urcia Technaura Systems GmbH - Mainz, DE