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Accounting Department Cost Saving

Effective solution for personnel management and payroll accounting

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Unified software for various customers

Project ROI

After 6 months from release, we usually ask customers about the financial results of a project to make sure we did our job well

130 %

Project timeline

Andersen team has spent more than 360 hours every week on the development of this solution

weeks ahead of schedule

Payroll accounting speed optimization

All necessary processes of payroll accounting and HR management can be performed by the developed application alone.

64 %

About the project

Establishing offices in different parts of the world, international companies face difficulties in personnel management and payroll accounting in accordance with the regulations which are in force in each particular country. In order to comply with the labor legislation, companies have to use a variety of software products and hire a large staff of professional accountants and HR-specialists. Our task was to build a single software to solve the challenge.


Financial Services


45 months

Team size

14 developers


Java8, JPA Eclipselink, EJB, JMS, PostgreSQL, REST, Kong, Websocket, Angular5, Ionic 3, ElasticSearch (+Kibana)

Visual concept


Before the start of the development process, we researched the features of the system. The application is multi-featured and operates with many different entities, which makes UI rather complicated. Meanwhile, its users often haven't a sufficient level of technical awareness, which may lead to frequent human errors, inefficient work, and low satisfaction levels. That's why we did a great job on UX, polishing it over five weeks, and finally achieved a high quality proven by the staff.


We decided to keep the UI as simple as it was possible. Several shades of dimmed blue were selected as the base colors, while accent colors are more vibrant. The light background is intended not to irritate users. Tabs, fields, and buttons were carefully culled and placed in such a way as to distribute the content at a steady pace, avoiding high density.


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Checkboxes and radio buttons

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System popups

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Due to the high complexity of the system, as a part of UX research, we started from wireframes. Such an approach is the most efficient way to understand where the UI has an excessive density. Also, the wireframes open a possibility to test the UI before finishing.

HR module

Proper planning and fine-tuning are two main credos to which we strive in UI design. We use only real examples of content instead of lorem ipsum. It is the only way to understand how the interface would look after delivery.

HR module image

Payroll main module

The level of detail for our wireframes can be as high as for the finished page. It helps both the customer and us to be on the same page in the understanding of UI.

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Reporting module

During the wireframing, our staff communicates with the customer's team to find their needs and fears. It helps us to develop UI that is convenient for its end-users, not only looks acceptable for their supervisors.

Reporting module image

Main pages

HR module

The central part of the HR module is people. After choosing one of the employees, the user gets access to a full HR dossier with dozens of different data records about the person. A set of tools makes it available to accompany the employee in each and every activity, from hiring to termination. A calendar and KPI metrics help to control the employee's development process. Also, the HR manager can find different document templates here and fill them in with the current employee data with a couple of clicks.

HR module image

Payroll main module

This module is undoubtedly the most innovative part of the application, delivering the primary goal of its creation. Having offices in different jurisdictions, the company got a possibility to control the salaries of its staff on a single screen. It acts as a convenient way to compare taxes, rates, as well as analyze any financial dynamics and make some important changes. Based on data analyzed, the user with proper rights can award bonuses to both single employees and entire workgroups or even departments, as well as to define a day off for the overall company or its local office only.

Payroll main module image

Reporting module

For every single jurisdiction, there are different rules and regulations, as well as different record formats. The user can select the location and then browse through available templates, select the appropriate, or create the new one. Status categories help the user quickly find records that require consideration. Also, for better performance, the to-do lists block is situated here at the right.

Reporting module image

Business intelligence module

Globe Payroll has built-in powerful business intelligence tools. The user can get every data within the system, then analyze it, and present it in the form of a table or graph. A number of pre-designed dashboards allow users to monitor performance indicators that are essential in HR duties. The access to categories of input data and resulting dashboards are based on user roles and can be reconfigured.

Business intelligence module image

Project Results

The solution allows reducing the cost for the accounting department and HR-specialists. High configurability allows adapting GlobePayroll to the requirements and features of each particular client. The customer signed contracts with 10 new clients in the last 2 months, and at this stage, the solution is fully adapted to work on the market of a number of countries. Besides, GlobePayroll became a partner of SD Worx which is one of the world's largest HR service providers.


Satisfaction rate


Cost reducing


Market share growth

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