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Chief Commercial Officer
Valentin Kazmenkov

Chief Commercial Officer

Welcome to Andersen’s Product Development Services! On behalf of our entire PDS team, I would like to thank you for your attention! My colleagues and I regularly provide expert product development assistance for such well-known industry leaders as Siemens, S&P Global, Samsung. Our aim is to establish fruitful collaborations with Andersen’s customers to specify, build, and upgrade top-performing software tools capable of propelling your operations to new heights of efficiency. This section provides a thorough overview of Andersen’s PDS expertise, cites positive feedback left by our customers, and offers you a comprehensive range of case studies. Feel free to schedule a meeting so that we jointly discuss your business needs and how Andersen can help you match them.


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How IT product development services work

Scope definition and architecture design

At this initial stage, your goals, challenges, and situation will be assessed by Andersen's experts – BAs, UI/UX designers, and software consultants – to examine the prospects of your product idea. Their efforts will be focused on data-based product specs, the best possible tech stacks, and effective resource planning.

UI/UX design

The purpose of this stage is to envision a best-matching look and feel of your software product. These evidence-based activities involve scrutinizing the practical needs and expectations of your target audience. As a result, you will obtain intuitive, effective, and pleasant interfaces.

Product development

Andersen assumes full responsibility for building the previously envisioned and specified solution iteratively and comprehensively and taking any request and need into consideration. As a result, you will obtain a fully functional software product matching every applicable expectation.

Analytics, support, and maintenance

To make the most of the resulting software solution, our experts will keep on tracking and analyzing its performance, working with user feedback, and supporting your software product so that you can further upgrade it.

Why businesses tend to choose IT product development services

PDS is a flexible project-based interaction model that is best suited to develop a software product from scratch and meet customers’ unique business needs. Andersen’s IT experts will closely work with a customer to deliver the very product they require. Here is how PDS can be compared with other models.

Product development services

Andersen assumes full responsibility for the outcome. All the details are defined by the customer and Andersen’s experts together. The process is iterative to build a perfect solution.

Outstaff / Dedicated team

Unlike with PDS, Andersen provides their human resources only. The project tasks and other details are specified by the customer’s instructions. The price depends on the workload.

Fixed price

The customer has only an idea of the product. Hence, Andersen builds a solution based on these approximations. However, the result may differ from the customer’s expectations.

Andersen's PDS case studies

Providing full range of Product Development Services, we help you create best-in-class software solutions for your business that perfectly fit your needs. The best results are reflected in our projects

Real-time project map

Explore the map of Andersen's current engagements and read brief descriptions of each project.

Project portfolio


We are ready to assess your challenge and help you with it. Schedule a call to start.

Valentin Kazmenkov, Chief Commercial Officer


Expert custom solutions with over 1,000 projects delivered

Andersen assists businesses across major industries, addressing complex problems with technological solutions. By using industry-specific knowledge, our expert team tailors IT tools to meet the unique needs of each customer.

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Overview of Andersen’s development approaches

Overview of Andersen’s approaches to IT services provided, including product development services


Software architecture importance

Figure out what software architecture is, and when it is worth outsourcing software development services





Product Development Services (PDS) is a project collaboration model focused on turnkey software development projects. It is based on Agile development methodologies and well-defined approaches to managing and controlling timelines and budgets.

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ICP-ACC certified professional
ICP-APM certified professional
ICP-APO certified professional
ICP-ATF certified professional
ICP-DAS certified professional
Project management professional certification
Kanban management professional
Kanban systems design (KMP I)
Kanban systems improvement (KMP II)
Management 3.0

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