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Partner with our highly-specialized experts in EHR software development to optimize workflows and boost your practice growth, or integrate your EHR/EMR system with cutting-edge population health management software to refine diagnostics, predict disease outbreaks, and vastly improve care quality.


Andersen has been developing business-critical medical solutions since 2008

11 years in the industry


We’re a team of T-shaped developers well-versed in key medical tech

67% senior engineers


Andersen helped an array of practices rev up their service with visible business results

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Find out more about our hard-earned experience in building EMR, EHR, and PHM software.

Full-Cycle Medical Software Development Services

We’re up to the challenge to make your EMR, EHR or PHM solution bring substantial business value. You can rely on Andersen to develop digital systems of any scale and complexity. Here are some of the benefits you’ll reap by capitalizing on our healthcare tech talent:

Ease of use

Our frontend experts develop healthcare-specific UX and UI to make your solution easy to use for non-technical staff and disabled patients, across all platforms and screens.

Improved communication

We build in telehealth and on-site communication capabilities to facilitate doctor-to-doctor and doctor-to-patient relationships while improving decision-making and remote monitoring.

High levels of system interoperability

We follow FHIR and other industry-leading interoperability standards so that your software could easily communicate with other systems used by your practice.

Seamless system integration

Fall back on our EHR integration services to pair up your software with optimal digital tools, including mHealth apps, patient portals, IoT devices, PHM software, and billing systems. This will allow you to facilitate patient data exchange and streamline key medical workflows.

Increased security

In the industry where data security is everything, there is no room for error. Our population health management software and other medical solutions strictly comply with HIPAA, which means we use approved practices to secure protected health information (PHI).

State-of-the-art analytics

Our EMR, EHR, and PHM software will help you with in-depth analysis of critical information scattered across your systems. Make the most of our ML knowledge to forecast epidemics, accurately identify risk levels, prevent readmissions, and pinpoint gaps in care delivery.

Why Andersen

With so many EMR software development vendors on the radar, it might be extremely difficult to choose the optimal one. Perfectly understanding it, we always try to take our service offering up a notch. Here is what makes us stand out:

Great teamwork

Andersen boasts experienced project managers, frontend and backend engineers, QA specialists, and other qualified experts who effectively work together in Scrum-led teams to provide you with the best possible solutions.

Deep tech knowledge

Hire our professionals who are well-versed in a wide range of programming languages and frameworks, and always keep tabs on the latest medical tech.

Cross-domain expertise

We’ve earned our stripes developing advanced healthcare software and other related tech, including WebRTC, IoT, and BI. Rely on our cross-domain experience to build a medical solution from scratch or enhance your existing one.