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Custom Asset Management Software Development

Increasing the effectiveness of your business using modern DAM solutions

Since 2007, Andersen has been developing asset management systems that allow you to automate your business processes and optimize workflow.

Wealth of experience

We design and build systems for managing physical and digital assets, providing hundreds of companies with opportunities for rapid growth.

years in the industry

Cross-domain expertise

Our solutions are applied in such fields as Logistics, Healthcare, FinTech, E-commerce, and Retail.


Fine quality

A combo of a 2 week trial period and a 6 month software guarantee allows customers to be confident in the quality of our products.

89 %
satisfied clients

DAM software for achieving strategic goals

Andersen develops digital asset management solutions tailored to your business needs. From programs for production management and maintenance of stocks, to software for brand development and ensuring uninterrupted office supplies - we eliminate dozens of problems, giving you the opportunity to perform more important tasks.

Making complex decisions simple

We use Big Data technologies and Machine Learning to help you distribute finances between assets based on actual performance and predictive analytics.

Mitigating risks

Real-time data processing, probabilistic assessment of events - this is what helps you control assets here and now. Through integrating this functionality in your infrastructure, we provide decision-makers with the opportunity to understand current and future risks connected with asset management.

Optimizing processes

Lower energy expenses, reduction of administrative work, machinery breakdown prevention due to continuous monitoring - these are only some ways to optimize processes with the help of asset management software.

Increasing profits

Increase long-term profit by automating the management of assets throughout their life cycle. Minimize the loss of resources and get rid of the time-wasting routine tasks as well.

We are ready to tell you about our skills and work approach right now.

Our asset management software development services

Whatever your goals are, we can design a modern system that will enable you to manage your assets on the go, and access rights’ differentiation will open opportunities for remote control of one or other functions to specialized employees.

Solutions for facilities’ management

We employ the latest developments in Internet of Things along with intelligent algorithms, so that you can manage facilities without thinking about utility expenses - with our DAM software these expenses will be minimal.

Software for automation

A small business can be managed manually. However, to speed your advancement by ensuring the continuous execution of typical business scenarios, we will automate asset management to the maximum degree. As a result, managing the company will become easier, overhead costs will be reduced by several times, and operational risks will be totally forgotten.

Dynamic indexing

Gain truly personalized experience with DAM solutions through indexing and cataloging in real-time. We build systems that automatically index and distribute almost all types of data - from scanned documents to photo and video files. Using our solutions, you will be able to find them in the flicker of a second.

Solutions for supply management

Tap into our long experience to automate the procurement process and optimize a whole supply chain based on the analysis of constantly changing data.

Let us solve your problems with asset management

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