Outsourced Corporate IT Support Services

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Achieve smooth operation of your company with 3 levels of IT support to cover all your technology-based issues.


Our support engineers provide an individual approach and solutions to ensure reduced cost, minimized risk and improved ROI from their IT applications.
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Multi-faceted capabilities of our team reduce system downtime and help you focus on strategic initiatives by minimizing routine maintenance activities.
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We are committed to providing 24/7 support for your business-critical applications.

Company of experts

To test knowledge, confirm their qualifications and professional skills, our experts receive the following certificates in the field of application support and maintenance.

What you get

We offer IT Applications Maintenance and Support Services (AMS) of the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd levels for not only solutions developed by Andersen but also third-party applications

Help Desk/Call Center

We will take control on requests and issues of your employees or customers that don’t require deep technical expertise by providing:

  • Basic Help Desk assistance
  • Call Center support
  • Inbound customer support
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Advanced technical support of your infrastructure or application

We will help to deal with all kinds of support requests from your employees or customers that require all levels of technical expertise with such actions as:

  • Complex issues solving
  • Root cause analysis
  • Implementing workaround solutions
  • Involving internal/external IT experts
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Maintenance of your infrastructure or application

We will take care of your infrastructure or application maintenance needs required to keep your business up and support its goals by performing:

  • Patching and upgrades
  • Performance monitoring
  • Backup and recovery
  • Application maintenance
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What we do

IT Service Reports

The team will provide you with regular reports about the quality of the provided services and their compliance with the agreed service levels.

Performance Monitoring

Composing a full picture of your app or infrastructure server’s performance and ensuring its timely optimization to avoid any issues.

Outstanding Technical Support

You can increase the efficiency of your IT support services by delegating them to a team of our experts who are committed to the agreed service levels.

Development Support

You can rely on Andersen’s specialists when it comes to supporting development or DevOps needs for your product.

Call Center

Andersen provides a team of dedicated professionals that will provide support for your employees or customers via phone.

IT Expenses Optimization

Optimize your IT support-related expenses by delegating a wide range of IT services to us, and we’ll provide them at the agreed service levels.

Backup and Recovery

Andersen’s specialists will ensure regular backups of your infrastructure and its rapid recovery in case of any emergency.

Fast Provision of Experienced IT Resources

By reaching out to us, you will be provided with a team of skilled engineers for maintenance and support within 15 business days or less.

Team of experts

If you need high-end specialists on an urgent basis, we are here to help. Get CVs in no time, choose the best of the best, and our specialists will start working on your project with full responsibility so that you can receive the solution you need as soon as possible.

  • 3days to provide developers
  • 10days to start
  • 2weeks of free trial

System administrator


System administrator with 4+years of experience in IT sphere. The main technology stack is LAMP. Prov...


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System administrator


Motivated and fast progressing System Administrator with 17+years of experience in software developme...


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System administrator


System Administrator with 8.5+years of experiencein maintaining system stability, system administrati...


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Whether you are in the early stage or have an ongoing project, our professional architects are always ready to consult and guide you within the development process. Schedule a free online consultation with our specialists.

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