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You can get QA engineers in the following areas:

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Manual testing
Our specialists perform testing in all stages of development cycle
82 QA engineers
Automation testing
Our test automation engineers provide CI/CD processes and increase releases frequency
43 QA automation
Our specialists perform project assessment to choose the best test strategy for your project
37 projects in progress

Types of testing


We elaborate algorithms of manual or automated check to be sure that the solution runs without issues


User experience test assures that an interface is simple and intuitive


We make tests to check solution load and define weaknesses so end users will see an expected performance of its interface


We apply this test to give you confirmation about application security to prevent data theft

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Our satisfied clients

SMB, enterprise and startup clients return to us because they’re happy with our work. Here’s what they say about Andersen.

 Jeffrey Reyes
Jeffrey Reyes Head of Testing
3D4Medical Limited
We have just started our relationship with Andersen, and they have proven to be a professional and effective organization. To date, my needs have been in the area of Quality Assurance. Projects were organized quickly, delivered successfully and to a high standard. Working with a remote contractor, communication is key, and this Andersen excels in. I would highly recommend Andersen to deliver a quality product, to specification, on time.
 Barak Aviv
Barak Aviv QA Manager Top
Image Systems
We hired 5 QA engineers from Andersen for functional mobile testing of the application for image capture and processing. The app has web and mobile versions and is designed to make mobile check deposit, enrollment, account opening, bill payment and other mobile-initiated processes simple and fun.
 Julia Pokhodina
Julia Pokhodina Senior Project Manager
Anima Interactive Agency
We asked Andersen to conduct a complex testing of our developed website. During the communication Andersen specialists offered us an efficient and cost-effective option that allowed us to save money for testing. From the very beginning of our cooperation the communication with experts was at a good level, and in the course of testing, Andersen proved their professionalism, providing quality work on time. Thank you!
 Philippe Adib
Philippe Adib CEO of Lion of Fire LCC
Lion of Fires
Andersen Lab QA department has significantly assisted our team of developers over the past 8+ months to make regression testing for complex project in the medical field. During this time we have gone from very little success, in regards to providing regression tests, to a suite that will greatly affect the success of the developed medical system and our company.
 Jouni Stam
Jouni Stam CTO
It was definitely a pleasure to partner with Andersen. They did a lot of work to get the project done, and the results are obvious. We are satisfied with quality, deadline commitments and surely with a team - very nice and professional guys. I'm pleased to recommend them and hope for continuing our business relationship.
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