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Solution for Internet Acquiring

Improvements in the customer’s acquiring system

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Flexible and advanced Internet acquiring

Project ROI

After 6 months from release, we usually ask customers about the financial results of a project to make sure we did our job well

113 %

Project timeline

Andersen team has spent more than 440 hours every week on the development of this solution

weeks ahead of schedule

International coverage

The platform provides the possibility to make multi-currency payments in countries around the globe.


About the project

The customer has an internet acquiring system that allows organizations specializing in online sales to accept payments made by plastic, as well as an online platform allowing users to create invoices and manage invoice templates, create and manage subscriptions, give users access to various account pages, add customers and products, etc. We received the system in semi-finished form, with lots of bugs, and our task was to improve its quality, as well as ad new functionality.




6 months

Team size

11 developers


Python, Django, Celery, Flask, PostgreSQL, Oracle, HTML, CSS, SCSS, ReactJS, TypeScript, Flux, Redux, Gulp

Project Results

The conducted work ensured stable functioning of the system, uninterrupted service, and quick integration with websites and user applications. Expansion of functionality increased the competitiveness of the product as well as increased company profits. The implemented methods of identity verification made it possible to create a secure payment environment. The introduction of new types of operations with bank cards helped the company to improve the service quality and expand its customer base.


Satisfaction rate


Performance optimization


Risk reduction

Client’s feedback

SMB, enterprise, and startup clients return to us because they’re happy with our work. Here’s what they say about Andersen

Gleb Smorodkins
Gleb Smorodkins CTO

I want to express my gratitude to Andersen company and each member of the team we were lucky enough to work with. I should note not only their excellent technical skills but also very good competencies in the payments and cards area. We are glad to have Andersen as a partner and hope our cooperation will be strengthened each day.

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