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Bill of materials analyzing system and a platform for searching and managing standards.

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A powerful tool for the needs of the engineering industry

Project ROI

After 6 months from release, we usually ask customers about the financial results of a project to make sure we did our job well

125 %

Project timeline

Andersen team has spent more than 720 hours every week on the development of this solution

weeks ahead of schedule

Extensive library

The system includes a database with documents from trusted sources, which is one of the largest databases in the world

million documents

About the project

Our customer is a global supplier of information and analytics, which have set the goal to solve the challenges engineers face. One of them is electronic components management. Obsolescence, counterfeit products, and the risks of violating environmental laws are growing, and most software on the market can’t solve the problem. Another challenge is information search: engineers waste up to 40% of their time for that, using no less than 13 sources to complete a single project.




37 months

Team size

44 developers


Java, Angular 5, TypeScript, Microsoft Azure, Apache Cassandra, Angular JS, jQuery, Bootstrap, C#, MSSQL, Cassandra


Engineering Software Platforms


Our customer is a global supplier of information and analytics, which have set the goal to solve the challenges engineers face. One of them is electronic components management.



Obsolescence, counterfeit products, and the risks of violating environmental laws are growing, and so are time losses: engineers spend up to 40% more time to complete a single project, then it’s supposed. So our customer needed a high-quality software solution to solve the problem, and we’ve surely made it.



Ever wonder why people still use pen and paper to create work notes? The thing is that many of today's applications still shackle users without giving a full range of desired features. Given this, we have created a product that is as convenient and structured as the bookshelves in the library. Everything in its right place!


ui/ux research

We provided the large-scale ui/ux research and implemented the received data in order to make the application perfectly convenient and simple to use.


UX research

We conducted a thorough study of the problems of electronic components management and information search, their main characteristics and consequences. Then we investigated the ways to improve the product design using the results of our research.

UI research

We realized that creating as much user-friendly interface as possible is the most effective way to ensure the convenient use of the platform. However, creating an intuitive interface required a lot of work because of the complexity of the system.


Portrait of our audience that we made to concretize the wide range of potential users. We identified their main characteristic features to win the best user experience.


ux design

Here we started to create our future product. At first step, we began to create the wireframes and then formed the primary look of the future UI part.

Grid style

bootstrap grid

Paper sketch

The first outline of the ideas and a structure of a future project we often do by the sketches. This is a simple and effective way to capture the moment and inspiration, “preserving” them for the future.



Creating wireframes is something like clay modeling: at this stage, every designer is inspired by the creation of something new, something delightfully ordered and slowly turning into a future product.



UI Elements

Color palette
primary colors
secondary colors
background colors

a bit of fun


Nice and simple illustrations were used in order to make the application more friendly.




Desktop version, still simple, yet even more convenient. We made the design as transparent and structured as possible so that users can easily understand and get used to the functionality.



Many Internet sources that are used for engineering projects require creating separate accounts. Hence engineers have to create and remember dozens of usernames and passwords. Our solution solves this challenge: once signing up in the system, the user gets access to all sources with only one account.


Project Results

The system for bill of materials analysis helps engineering companies from various industries to efficiently manage component wear, wide geography of supplies, costs, as well as reduce the risk of using counterfeit parts and follow regulations. The platform for searching and managing standards allows companies to reduce costs and the amount of time that engineers usually spend on research and design. This product is used in large global corporations.


Million project users


Time and cost savings


Supported languages

Client’s feedback

SMB, enterprise, and startup clients return to us because they’re happy with our work. Here’s what they say about Andersen

Vasili Shamshur
Vasili Shamshur Senior Manager at

Andersen has done an outstanding job to complete the project on time. The multitude of issues that the analytical system and management platform development throw at them has been handled professionally and efficiently. We definitely enjoy cooperation with this company and will continue to work with it in the future.

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