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Every Work is a Masterpiece

Comprehensive solutions in rapidly growing business domains

Why our clients choose us

We have 1240+ highly qualified specialists with vast experience in the development, customization and integration of complex enterprise solutions, as well as, advanced web and mobile applications to meet even the most unique and challenging requirements.

Successful projects

We have delivered over 711 successful development projects in financial services, retail, media and entertainment, healthcare and more


Satisfied clients

We ask clients to rate us when their project is complete. 89% are completely satisfied


Returning clients

Meeting deadlines and ensuring high standards is our way of life. 62% of our customers have chosen our team for a 2nd project


Quality Assurance

Andersen takes extreme care with each project delivered to clients. To make sure that all users are satisfied with a product, our manual and automation QA engineers attentively test everything related to the project; from documentation to the last symbol of code