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Data Science & Big Data: Consulting and Development Services

We drive your business efficiency and performance with the power of data

We help you collect, process, analyze, and visualize data across your enterprise to transform it into actionable information. With our data science consulting services, you will make easier, faster, and better decisions at every step of your business journey.


We help businesses grow since 2008, optimizing key processes and asset management with big data

13 years in the industry


With a solid track record of 674+ finished projects, we can find a solution to the most complex case

600+ projects finished


Andersen experts help make data-driven decisions and deliver customer-centric experience accordingly

89% satisfied clients

Our Data Science and Big Data Consulting Expertise

Andersen’s experts turn data into value. When it comes to raising the bar of your customer satisfaction, we will help you understand your audience, anticipate their needs and act on them in real time. This will allow you to create a better product or service, bringing in more loyal customers and, eventually, sustainable revenue flows.

AI & Machine Learning

Tackle your business challenges with custom-made computer vision systems, chatbots, and artificial neural networks.

Business Intelligence

Make use of collected data and interpret it with smart analytics that will help your organization make data-driven, intelligent decisions.

Database Management

Get easy access to data as well as ensure its quality, security, and integrity with automated database management systems.

Data collection

Our specialists will tune this process and ensure you collect complete, reliable data, which leads to correct conclusions and results.

Data storage

Centralized, scalable storage is what helps you move data seamlessly across classes. Integrating it into your infrastructure, we’ll optimize the costs and efficiency of running your data-dependent systems.

Data cleaning

Big data comes with noise and in miscellaneous formats. We’ll make sure that your data is accessible and correctly mapped to your data processing systems.

Data analysis

With our data scientists on board, you’ll enable both quantitative and qualitative data analysis to bring valuable insights to your team when and as they need it.

Data visualization

This part of our data scientists’ job is to curate data into an easier-to-understand form. Well-structured visualization will help your decision-makers to comprehend business-critical information through highlighted trends and forecasts.

Why Turn to Andersen

Proven as one of the fastest-growing data science and big data consulting companies, Andersen is here to reinforce your market position and help you become a truly data-driven enterprise.

We are mature

Through 13+ years in the industry, we’ve been refining our best software development practices, and are ready to adapt them precisely to your case.

We are experts

With 80% of our staff being senior software developers, we know ins and outs of data management and can take up the most complex cases.

We are reliable

Get a free 2-week trial period to check out our team and a 6-month warranty against software failures to minimize your risks.

We are fast

With 1289+ qualified and experienced professionals on board, we are ready to start working on your project within 10 business days.