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Most healthcare software costs more than the price tag suggests - and delivers far less than promised. Andersen is an investment that drives returns.
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With Andersen, you don't merely get a software vendor, you get a reliable business partner.
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Mobile Healthcare Applications

Andersen incorporates mobile technologies into your business by delivering iOS/Android/cross-platform apps for doctors and patients.

Healthcare Websites & Patient Portals

Building sites/patient portals for medical centers with admin dashboards and appointment scheduling, and integrating them into your facility’s system.

Practice Management Systems

Web, desktop, and mobile PMSs for medical practices, with the functionality for patient scheduling, medical history viewing, e-prescribing, etc.

Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare

Providing top-notch AI solutions to assist healthcare personnel, such as chatbots, AI-based symptom checkers, diagnostics systems, radiology assistants.

Internet of Medical Things

Wireless technologies to equip your clinic with systems for remote patient monitoring and vitals monitoring, connected inhalers, and wearables.

Medical Imaging Solutions

Software solutions for managing and analyzing thermography, radiography, MRI, CT, ultrasound, echocardiography images of various formats.

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