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A regular meeting with customers to deliver a presentation of Andersen's capabilities and services, negotiate on the conditions of cooperation, and discuss the resources necessary for project development.


At the end of January, Delivery Director of our company Alexandr Grigoriev and Head of Business Development Anna Hodko held a number of meetings with customers in Malta. Although the island does not look that resort in January, it is still a great place to organize business meetings or just relax. Fans of nightlife will surely appreciate Paceville, a city adjacent to St. Julianos, which, in turn, smoothly goes into Valletta, the capital of Malta. Thus, the city visitors don’t have to travel long hours to see these three cities at once. Architectural monuments lovers also have something to see in Malta, ranging from many palaces and forts and to menhirs and cromlechs that are perfectly preserved from ancient times.

Contact person

Alexandr Grigoriev
Alexandr Grigoriev Delivery Director
Anna Hodko
Anna Hodko Head of Business Development

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