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Business Analysts

Choose specialists in business analysis to advance your project

Why your project needs a business analyst

Add a business analyst to your project to:

Increase the likelihood of on-time project delivery by


Reduce the chances of exceeding the project budget by


Maximize ROI and increase the probability of product-market fit by


Statistics by



Analyst works closely with you to understand your business processes


Specialist analyses gathered data and prepares vision of the solution


Specialist prepares specification so you and development team understand how the solution will run

What you get

Vision and scope document

The vision and scope document collects the business requirements into a single deliverable that sets the stage for the subsequent development work.

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Requirements Specification

The requirements specification describes as fully as necessary the expected behavior of the software system. It is used in development, testing, quality assurance, project management, and related project functions.

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Prototypes serve 3 major purposes:

  • clarify, complete, validate requirements;
  • explore design alternative;
  • create a subset that will grow into the ultimate product.
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Visual requirements models help you identify missing, extraneous, and inconsistent requirements and clarify problem areas.

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