Andersen's Partnership Program

Obtain information on fixed payments and extra bonuses you can get after becoming an affiliate business partner

How to become Andersen’s partner

Follow these steps to become Andersen's ambassador.

Processing 1/4

Fill out a form

Submit a completed form with the information we require from our potential partners.


Processing 2/4

Attend an interview

At the interview, tell us about your relevant experience and the reasons why you want to partner with Andersen.


Processing 3/4

Receive a finalized proposal

Get a unique cooperation offer, with all terms and conditions negotiated and individually agreed upon.


Processing 4/4

Welcome to Andersen

Congratulations! At this stage, you have joined the Andersen family! Now we can work towards our common goals.


If you have suitable prospects in mind and would like to partner with a large outsourcing IT company, let's get in touch.

How our partners work


Plan your sales activities with a Partnership Manager, responsible for guidance and answering your questions.


Get access to our CRM and other internal platforms to close your first sale with support from Andersen's sales and marketing department.

Visit our HQ

After your second sale, you are invited to our head office in Warsaw for a week to get acquainted with our management and team. Andersen covers your flight and accommodation in a Hilton. In this fashion, we can lay the groundwork for our further cooperation and the growth of your commissions.

Benefits of a partnership with Andersen

Fixed payments

You will be receiving a fixed remuneration on a monthly basis. As time passes, it can be reconsidered and increased, depending on the results you achieve.

Bonus payments

On top of a fixed remuneration, you also receive a percentage bonus from every deal you close, based on the scope of work and the price of the project.

Provision of leads

Andersen's expert-level marketing department is in the right position to help you with effective lead generation with our skills, expertise, and resources.


You will have the opportunity to work alongside skilled sales managers with a long and proven success record who will help you make a quick start.

Access to systems and frameworks

In order to ensure a smooth and efficient workflow, you will be granted access to our CRM, as well as the internal time and task tracking systems, e.g. Jira, Confluence, etc.

Coverage of expenses

Andersen fully reimburses you for the expenses needed to fulfill your professional activities such as flight tickets, hotel accommodation, and any associated costs.

Schedule Your Free Consultation

Would you like to become Andersen's ambassador? Fill out the form below to get invited on an interview.

What happens next?

Our Partnership Manager contacts you shortly after analyzing your inquiry.

When required by you, we sign an NDA to ensure the highest privacy level.

We hold an interview to understand if your vision matches ours and see how we can collaborate effectively.

We sign a Partner Agreement and begin our collaboration.