Andersen office in Kharkiv, Ukraine

Kharkiv, Ukraine

39 Sumska Street, Floor 4, Kharkiv, Ukraine


Universities of Kharkiv prepare a lot of high-level tech specialists. Andersen established an up-to-date office there to attract the very best graduates and grow them into experts.

Ongoing projects
Average Annual Staff Growth

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Key persons

Head of mobile department Vitaliy Vasilenko

Vitaliy Vasylenko

Head of office

HR manager Kristina Nikitenko

Kristina Nikitenko

HR manager

Benefits and perks

Being a part of our team, you can get extensive benefits and bonuses and gifts from the company. You get the opportunity to participate in corporate trainings and exchange- experience programs with colleagues from other countries. You may be granted a leave, due to your preferences

Business Lunch

Enjoy your meal in a comfortable and specially equipped lounge-room or avail of a corporate discount in neighboured restaurants

Health Insurance

Enjoy a full-spectrum of medical insurance provided to all Andersen's employees

Free English Courses

Learn English at no cost in our internal sessions conducted by the best tutors

Employee Lounge

Relish a comfortable lounge-room to relax or have a meal

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