Kharkiv, Ukraine

39 Sumska Street, Floor 4, Kharkiv, Ukraine


Universities of Kharkiv prepare a lot of high-level tech specialists. Andersen established an up-to-date office there to attract the very best graduates and grow them into experts.

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Key persons

Head of mobile department Vitaliy Vasilenko
Vitaliy Vasylenko
Head of office
HR manager Kristina Nikitenko
Kristina Nikitenko
HR manager

Current projects in this office

Examples of running project in this office

100 developers
ReactJS, Angular, Scala, Java, Back-end, Front-end
86 months duration
9 developers
Android, iOS, SWIFT, Mobile, Cross platform
20 months duration
11 developers
.NET, Xamarin, JavaScript, Angular, Go, BAck-end, Cross-platform
17 months duration
8 developers
Angular 4, PHP Symphony, Front-end, Back-end
34 months duration
2 developers
JavaScript, TypeScript, SWIFT
86 months duration
8 developers
JavaScript, TypeScript, SWIFT
20 months duration